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Add a payment method to my GoDaddy account

If you have a paid product or service, add a checking account, PayPal account, or credit, debit, and prepaid cards to use as payment methods in your GoDaddy account.

  1. Go to your GoDaddy Payment Methods page. If you're not already logged in, you'll be prompted to log in.
  2. Select Add Payment Method.
  3. To change the billing information, select Edit next to Billing Information, update your info, then select Save.
  4. Select Card, PayPal or Checking. (Payment options may vary by region.)
    Select Payment Type
  5. Enter all required payment details and select Save.

    Note: When adding PayPal, you’ll be prompted to log in to your PayPal account. The payment method you select in your PayPal Wallet is what you’ll use for future GoDaddy purchases and renewals using PayPal. Change your PayPal Wallet payment method from within your PayPal account.

Related steps

More info

  • Find the expiration date and payment method for all of your current products under Renewals & Billing. Select an item, then Add to Cart to see the current price.
  • Delete payment methods that you don't want to use.

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